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A Herd Bull if I ever saw one.  1161 came from Mark Cooper of Montana and is owned with Mark as well as Ken Coleman of Westcliff, Colorado.  He makes them how we like 'em;  deep ribbed, volumed cattle with daughters that have impeccable udders and will be hard to come by.


3129 was raised by our friends out in Quinter, Kansas.  Owned with Gorden Jamison, 3129 has calving ease without sacrificing performance.  He builds them deep ribbed, long and thick.  A true herd builder, whether it be top or bottom.  Get them while supplies last since he's no longer with us. 


386 comes from Mark Cooper of Willow Creek, Montana.  386 has too many co-owners to list, which should speak volumes.  He sired Cooper's top selling bull of 2017 ($155,000). Trait Leading in Marbling, Ribeye and Milk; 386 has the attributes that count when it comes to selling your stock in the ring.

5233 comes from Holden out in Valier, MT.  Another herd sire, like 3129, that provides calving ease plus the performance that provides.  He will give your herd growth and pigment to burn.

A Heifer bull and then some.  6163 is a Cooper bull that we've used on heifers for a few years and will most likely see some mature cows soon. His sons have the traits you need; long, thick and deep ribbed (not to mention the ease with which his progeny will calve).   



Cline 50


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